Bring Back Camelot

‘Don’t let it be forgot, that once there was a spot, for one brief, shining moment that was known as Camelot’

Once a French man told me in a dream
just before I was about to go to sleep;
that once there was man named Arthur
who sat on a round table
in a place called Camelot.

I asked him:
Where this place could be?
Then he whispered in my ear
from a little while away
that it was here
the land in you came to life.

But time turned castles to dust,
magic became a rare thing,
festering only on the outskirts
of little children’s dreams.
Every little bit
other than the high hills
and the green grass stretching for days
was cut up and sold;
bastardised and colonised.

It may just be a fairy tales,
whispered all over the world.
Forgotten and lost
a fantasy at the top on a mountain.

But one day soon we will
watch a great red dragon fly over
the Carillon castles.
Break from the shackles of lions who enslaved us
in falsehoods of fairness of unity
and for a shining forever
Camelot will be forever once more.


You are a heartless scoundrel,
an abortion of men,
a slight of hand card trick
and I was the con of a lifetime.
You are an evil aberration,
A pervasive mistake
inhabiting the body of an angel.

You have ruined nature,
beauty and all that is good-
For your face is fair,
and your eyes are perfect stars
in the black sky of your heart
and now I no longer trust the great sea,
wide forests or butterflies on roses
as they remind me of you.

Forgive me my trespasses

In a broken hourglass
with sand falling like rain,
I committed myself to hell;
and only then
in that moment I knew my soul was condemned
did I finally believe.

Not in some hopeless desire
that to hold him in my heart
would save myself from retribution.
Because I felt in my bones
in the time of the sin
my blood boiling,
my heart breaking
and divinity coming in.

Let me start again

Nature babe it comes to soon
especially for me and you;
songs won’t play inside you’re head
so, listen to the radio instead.

Tell me you love me,
lie to my rotten mind,
all else of me is tainted
untill you walked in here tonight.

Boy, you’re too hard to look at.
My dress to white, to tight
hear to the whispers all around
then stab me wherever you like.

Baby, call me poison,
call me your destruction
I’m not a pretty flower or a lost cloud
innocence ran away long ago.

Now its time for you to take
the false prophet of purity,
we’re just to liars
only to our ugly selves.

Stop calling me kid
don’t mention anyone else,
you are nothing special
just a name I won’t forget.

I have wasted too much time
chasing fairy tales and lies
now I see, you’re the best
that I’m ever going to find.

The chaos is coming;
my green ring across your back
a daisy growing in my mind.
What festers in you’re brain?

Kissing is an overrated thrill
pain means nothing at all
blood is for fools
bur it finds itself onto my legs

You looked at me one last time
alost girl who wasted too much time.
There we were in the back of your car
with wonderwall playing at a local bar;

No one can save me now.

Kiss me then leave the next day

Love is for the idle dreamers,
they covet it like a pirate,
alone at the sea for years
searching for the most golden treasure in all of the seven seas.

But me you see, I’m different.
What I want is far from the fairytales I was raised on,
the ones that inhabited my veins and brain for years on end.
It’s not something for those epic love songs,
or love stories in orgasmic movies that make loveless teenagers girls swoon.

I want a lover to drink with, in the moments before the broken hour,
someone to dance with in the bottom of midnight,
I don’t need to feel like the only one,
to receive flowers at my door the very next day,
to belong to some grand idea of sweeping beauty and ideals of a time gone by.

I met a boy, in a dusk of delightful desire,
and come across me was a feeling of peace
when is eyes placed themselves on my fault-full face,
but I won’t kiss him with devotion,
I won’t hold him close to my chest and speak in magnificent epigrams,
all I desire in my born broken heart
is for him never to close enough,
to see the girl crying,
to see the child still holding on to roses left at her door
and take me dancing.

An almost memory

On the eve of an eclipse
I walked alone to an empty beach that had come to me in a dream.
Then, as I almost remembered,
a thousand fragments from a forgotten childhood came to me:

The submarines and mermaids that were once there,
a little girl making dreams in the sand
as the waves watched on, kissing the cliffs
turning broken hearts to cotton candy,
but that was all gone.

At the top of a great mountain
looked on by a finally calm sea
I stared up and up,
to a sky of fractured clouds.

Then I jumped

and as I fell into the sea
the ashes on my skin were washed away,
the words that echoed in my head a thousand years
turned to dust of forgotten days.
My eyes, they dried
my heart, it finally healed.

Then as my lungs filled with water
my clothes ripped off.
So, I took my stolen dagger
and finally choose my way out.
Killed the girl I once was,

once an hour passed
I dried up on an empty beach
born again.

Only hollow things drown

Oh no, I have died again.

My body is breaking down
inside the hallow ground
I can feel the soil,
clogging up my lungs
and turning my heart to gold.

I don’t know who killed me;
this time.
He was a coward, I imagine.
Who stabbed me in the back
then sent my mind below

Dying is a crime
i’m well versed in.
I fell down and down
and over and over.

I hadn’t yet chose which way to die
not like before.

I found a bottle filled
like a rattle toy,
I had as a child
it emptied in minutes,

Then He revived me and
like Cain I killed him.

My hands now moving,
my blood is boiling,
my fingers print clawing up,

wasting a life.

Our synapses are hopeful,
pulling me into the air.
I rose up,
saw the trees
covered in blood
And walked away.

Don’t you worry, I will die again.
But that time better
More beautiful and
Fall into the water and hopefully
the lonely moon won’t bring me back