Alexander Zverev 
is gorgeous,
those eyes are far too green.
His golden necklaces choke him 
beat his skin black and blue.
They say he’s a next 
greatest of all time.
They hope more than think,
he’s a Ken doll they can bend 
to their whim.
There’s this girl 
they say she is nothing.
A siren who tries
to lure his ship to deadly seas
killing him;
or at-least his reputation.
But I’ve seen the bruises;
the scratches on his neck 
her tears 
as she gave her condemning  
We all want an heir, 
like kings we pray,
but should I and we ignore 
this display.
I think we should condemn
or at least question 
if this prince 
deserves a 
Holy destruction
for the sins he committed.