Baby I’m a wildflower who grew in your garden,
among the orchards and the snowdrops from the winter.
I was your lucky little weed.

A daisy whose petals you could pluck at
to figure out who you loved.
Dreamt with me tangled up in your golden grown.
Kept me on a chain, wrapped around your wrist.

Or maybe I was a dandelion,
you blew out into the wind
longing for something else.

But you wasted your wishes on a dream,
lost your breath on an unwanted thing.

Until I was gone
and then you moved on.

Threw your little wildflower away

to find yourself a rose.

My Love

Lay your head on my stomach my love,
kiss my hips, then bite to the bone.
Glide your hands up my thighs
then at their meeting plant the most beautiful rose
and leave it there to die.

Rip out my heart
with your blunt fingertips;
then suck out all of the blood
until it is just a rotten apple.

Put your lips on mine
until all my breath goes into you.
Put me to sleep with a beautiful melody
and poisoned cranberry juice.

Take my skin in your lovely hands
and rip it off piece by piece,
pull my veins and tie them in darling bows.

Then leave me alone to bleed,
before you dare say you love me.

Pretty Little Daisy

My seeds infect the ground,
like a delightful disease.

Pretty girls snap my neck
and dance with me wrapped in their hair.
Little girls pull me apart and woefully
dream of their true loves.
Old girls cut me from their homes
and throw me away to die
all alone.

I fall all around.
Pearl petals, sun centre.
My stalk filled with envy,
of roses, lilies and those beautiful bluebells;
all wrapped up in a bouquet, given to the
pretty woman in white.

I’m a fool for caring to much.
A diamond cut from nature
who was called a weed.