Have you been radicalised yet?

Have you read Catcher yet?
The words inscribed say kill John Lennon;
take a gun and shoot the
phony hypocrite
in the back 4 times.

Have you got to the Genesis yet?
Read the stories which tell
us to murder our friends;
liberate them from the sin
of living under the same God
with a different name.

Have you heard Marx’s words yet?
Don’t you know they’re meant to
be dipped in red paint;
made from the blood of capitalists
and smeared on the walls to spell out,
‘all are equal
but some are more equal than others.’

Have you listened to Helter Skelter yet?
The lyrics have hidden messages,
whispers you must follow;
they say to go kill
a beautiful movie star
and leave her body bleeding.

Have you seen the constellations in the sky yet?
Some say you can read the words
of hate like a soliloquy;
telling us what destructive
deed to do next.