Glitter Stained Teeth

Black leather jacket, red bleeding lips.
They take her down to the translucent glass town;
enchant her hollow mind with hollow words
that make her follow their every order.

Chipped nail polish, vodka spiked water.
She grew up on hope of princesses and kings; saving the damsel from her heart-breaking distress
of anger filled nights, forced on bedsprings.

Cracked blue diamonds, lying candy hearts.
They make her promises of a better life;
instead of the cycle of sadness she’s in
like a broken merry go round.

Glitter filled guns, tainted sunshine.
She’s given up on the dreams she had as a child;
she takes what she needs to get by, to feel alive
and keep the hole in her heart hidden.

All Will Fall

On the road to hell
There are lost boys dressed like men.

They fall in love with a girl on the screen,
Drinking cheap beer
And dreams of lives
That are just a minute too far away

What these boys
Would give to the girls

They are like vultures
Circling imagined deer,
They want to devour her,
Use her
And again
And again.

Like a pill
Or a needle filled with heroin.

until she is worth nothing