Let me start again

Nature babe it comes to soon
especially for me and you;
songs won’t play inside you’re head
so, listen to the radio instead.

Tell me you love me,
lie to my rotten mind,
all else of me is tainted
untill you walked in here tonight.

Boy, you’re too hard to look at.
My dress to white, to tight
hear to the whispers all around
then stab me wherever you like.

Baby, call me poison,
call me your destruction
I’m not a pretty flower or a lost cloud
innocence ran away long ago.

Now its time for you to take
the false prophet of purity,
we’re just to liars
only to our ugly selves.

Stop calling me kid
don’t mention anyone else,
you are nothing special
just a name I won’t forget.

I have wasted too much time
chasing fairy tales and lies
now I see, you’re the best
that I’m ever going to find.

The chaos is coming;
my green ring across your back
a daisy growing in my mind.
What festers in you’re brain?

Kissing is an overrated thrill
pain means nothing at all
blood is for fools
bur it finds itself onto my legs

You looked at me one last time
alost girl who wasted too much time.
There we were in the back of your car
with wonderwall playing at a local bar;

No one can save me now.